Here are some of the ways your club will benefit

Keep your members up to date on the latest news about your club.

Forget notice boards, costly newsletters, even your website will seem outdated once your members start using your app.

As it happens news will be instantly steamed to all your members handsets where they will be notified and can read it instantly.

Imagine being able to update all your members and fans about the latest result of a match literally as the final whistle blows, or letting your fans know about a new member to the club or teammate.

Notifying your members and fans about cancelled matches or events will be childs play, no more ringing round or texting your app will take care of it all.

And the best is every time your members or fans use your app – your clubs earns money.

  • Update league tables with the very latest results
  • Post latest, as they happen news items
  • Update pictures
  • Earn money for your club
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