Ok, so how much does my own Sports App cost?

The cost to build an app with this many functions would easily be over £10,000, Way out of most clubs reach, but because of how we've built the platform for the app means it works across multiple sports and clubs.

It's because of this that we can offer your very own app for just £199.

There's no Secret or catch

Most people ask and wonder how we can offer such a fantastic App at such a ridiculously low price.

They're usually looking for a catch. Well its quite simple.

Our one off fee of £199 covers your set up costs, we then profit shore with you from the revenue generated from the bottom ad on your app.

You get 100% of the revenue generated from the top ad.

So start increasing your clubs revenue now with Sports Club App

For Only £199

Please Note:
You will be taken through two steps of the sign up process.

Step One
Taken through to paypal where payment for your App will be taken.

Step Two
Once payment has been made you will then be taken to a form when we will ask for details related to your App. We also require a high resolution logo to be uploaded at this stage.

Once these two easy steps have been done, we will be in touch to start building your very own Sports Club App.


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